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Sail Away

If there's ever one place in Perth that I'll never get tired of, it'll be Fremantle. From its quirky atmosphere along the 'Cappucino Strip', to beautiful beaches strewn across the coastal drive, Fremantle has captured my heart in every way. The best bit is that, it's a town great to be explored by foot or cycling if you're keen! There's just too many things to see that one day is never enough to fit all of it in. Heck, even when I've been there countless times over the years, I'm constantly amazed by its beauty and there's bound to be a new experience every single visit. This particular trip, I was blown away when a friend of mine, Xingyi introduced me to the doughnut stall located in the markets. Strangely enough, I've walked past it too many times and I was completely unaware tha[...]

Breton Stripes

Morning loves! If you might have noticed, my blog has been undergoing a huge makeover and it still is, yikes! I've been using the old template for a few years now and I just thought that it is now time for me to establish a proper website for my new blog, so here it is! Please, please do leave me a comment below or contact me if you have any suggestions or ideas that on what you would like to see in my blog! That'll be really helpful and highly appreciated. Breton stripes has always been one of the most accommodating print in the dictionary of prints. If you're heading for the subtle key, there are endless possibilities on how you can pair a stripe print piece. But if your style are leaning towards the loud side of prints, stripes could match with any (literally, just any!) other p[...]

Flamingo Tango

I don't know if it's just me or this happens to everyone else but I get obsessed with an animal, and it changes every 6 months. Weird thing is, whenever I go crazy about it, all the prints on clothes seems to be revolving around that animal (i.e Dalmatian the last 6 months, look how many new arrivals comes in dalmatian prints and pattern). To be honest, I've been secretly thinking that maybe, just maybe this is the reason of my existence in predict the next 'IT' animal HHAHAHAHAHA! Definitely widening the range of jobs in the fashion industry ay. Can you imagine if I were to tell people what my job is when I meet new clients? Hi there, I'm the animal predictor for next season's prints. How do you do? Certainly something worth thinking about! Of course, it's obvi[...]

Style Diary : Sporty Casual

Is everyone getting excited for the upcoming London Olympics yet? Listening to the live broadcast of English radio station at work daily, and following the news about where the torch is, it had definitely got me all worked up with the Olympics spirit as well! Of course, this has got me stealing some inspiration to don on the sporty vibe and what better is there to walk in none other than a pair of stylish sneaker wedge? :grin: Doesn't it just make you think of a poster ad with the slogan 'You'll never walk alone'? Just something that pops into my mind whenever I look at it, and I know that no matter what decisions I make or path I take, there will always be people around giving all the love and support. :razz: Playing with a few key trend[...]

Emerald City

It's been awhile since I've sat down in front of my computer having nothing to do except blogging. How does anyone even get the time to do so many things with just a two-days weekend?!?! Anyywayyy, there was an eco fair two weeks back held in Mosman Park which I've never even heard of or even been to. Silly enough of both Joy and I, we decided to venture out and headed there to have a look at what's being sold! You should know by now that getting lost is our forte because I have lost count of not knowing where I am every single time I am in a new place hahah! :razz: I felt like as if we were child again because there was a tent stationed in the middle of the fair where a huge load of unused wood board was placed for children to play with. There were hammer and nails pr[...]

A Feminine Take

Having seen so many British inspired styles that boys don on the internet and searching religiously on the it sparked an idea of inspiration to me lately. Or shall I say, the slumbering boy character in me has finally awaken. Did I tell you that I find guys that dresses up in the British high street style are exceptionally visually pleasing? Aaaaanyway, I was looking around for pieces in my wardrobe if I could create a British Boy outfit but with a slight feminine touch just to keep things fresh! It really gives you a sense of satisfaction when you combine the common basics that you often wear on its own and make it into something entirely different and new. Being one of the shirts that has been worn to death for its light weighted fabric and aesthetic reasons, I've [...]

Style Envoy Picnic

It's the long Easter weekend and I'm just enjoying every bit of it! The best bit of all is that the weather has been very warm and all sunny sunshine despite a week of rain just before this. :evil: As I was picnic deprived my whole childhood, it's a no brainer if I were to tell you that I'm having a secret itch of throwing a picnic at every chance I get!!! :roll: In fact I just had another one yesterday but that will be for another post soon! This picnic party happened end of last year which was organized by Perth Fashion Festival for the success of PFF 2011! As it was getting warmer over here in Perth, so I opted for something breezy and comfortable enough for a picnic. I've always loved this pair of denim shorts because I found it by luck on the 50% rack and it's the last[...]

Red Rose

We're still in the midst of a transition period between summer and autumn but while the temperature is still lingering on the warmer side, I figured that dressing in a bright red ensemble wouldn't hurt anyone. Except for that bull which chased my mother up a tree HAHAHAHAHA because she was in a shocking red dress. :razz: This floral blazer screams PRINTS and it resembles my mood perfectly for whole entire month and that's probably the reason why it's being worn to death and hanging lifeless in my closet! Seeing how it blends in with the blooming flowers behind definitely stirs a deceiving image in my head every single time I take a look at it thinking that we're about to experience Spring right now! On the bright side, I guess I have taken after my dad's gardening [...]

Fur for Truffle Festival

Just a week ago, I attended my very first food festival in Perth after all these years! For this one, it was all about truffles, truffles and more truffles! Going with the rhyme, so I thought this would be a great time for me to wear my faux fur gilet! My precious precious fur vest. The desperate things I would do to get hold of this treasure of mine! I've always asked my friends if they have any desperate shopping stories to share just so I wouldn't feel so alone hehe but it seems like I have too many it's not even funny! :roll: As soon as we got there, the rain was pouring so badly with strong cold winds, I was beyond freezing!! But as the weather tends to have its own PMS, it was all sunny minutes later. :roll: So Thank God for that. We were greeted b[...]