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Every Woman's Best Accessory

Hi Darls! This has been the longest hiatus that I've ever been on but coming back tonight to write up this blog post brings back so many nostalgic memories formed over the years. My mum has always been the one that dresses me and my sister up since we were kids and with every outfit that she puts us in, there's always a different bag that she would pair us with. Just like many other things, this is one of them where we wouldn't understand the reasons behind these actions until we're older. Growing up and watching her work her art of magic, it's a no brainer that I would some day be a bag person. Though, I might add that I may or may not be a clothing or a shoe person too! *rolls eyes* Unlike clothing, a bag lasts a lifetime. Till now, I still ha[...]

Spring Nights

Hope everyone is enjoying their last two days of the Year 2013 because I totally am ending with one of the biggest bangs in Sydney! The last whole week was definitely filled with so much fun which I will share it with you on this blog soon. So much had been going on, which was one of the reasons why I hadn't been able to sit down to write a blog post over a month. It was a fairly warm spring night back when we were out celebrating the Lights Festival in Perth with of my friends, I said that I've never went to this festival before for the last four years that I am here so it's a must that at least attend it this year. Seeing how it is a big event which will be filled with huge crowd, I've opted to go for a casual dress which also gives me some space to breathe if it gets a bit too h[...]

In Full Bloom

Every year as spring arrives, the flowers growing in full bloom never fails to lift my mood up high. Gone are the gloomy days and it's definitely the time of the year for me to whip out my florals and brightly coloured pieces which I had been saving up from my constant purchases throughout the year. I'm sure almost everyone had a piece in their wardrobe where they're just finding the perfect excuse to wear and I'm clearly not an exception to that as well! I've purchased this fluffy sleeved top two years back thinking how unique the sleeves just are. With that voluminous feature on my knit top, it's best to bear in mind that you want to keep the other part of the outfit sticks close to your body as the top itself has contributed the much needed volume of an outfit. Going with the[...]

Boy meets Girl

As a person whom constantly search the internet for inspiration from street style pictures of other stylish talents particularly during fashion weeks hosted all over the world, I couldn't help but wanting to feel for a change, to be in one of the 'street style' snaps instead. One of the many reasons why street style remains as one of my biggest inspiration is that the styles that were being captured, they all depict an individual's personality and characteristics through his or her sense of style. So raw and original, I simply love how each is able to tell a story, the character and behaviour of each person if you were to scrutinize what and how they wear an outfit. It does hold some truth to the saying 'a picture paint a thousand words'. As Perth Fashion Festival was running th[...]

Macho Bananas

HELLLOOOOO to all you chic-sters out there, hope everyone has planned a wonderful weekend ahead or if you haven't, take a breather from what you're doing and head out to experience every little detail in your surrounding. So, so good for the soul and I'm really thankful that my beautiful Saturday is here, yet again! It's been a busy week for me and I've got some exciting stuffs coming up soon so do watch out on this space! ;) Denim pieces has always been a staple in my wardrobe because it's such a versatile piece for many different styles out there. Pale, dark, white-washed, tie-dyed, 50 shades of blue (hahaha so corny!) or even printed denim! There's just so much you can do to denim that you'll get a headache from thinking all the endless possibilities. However, I'll just focus mai[...]


WOW GUYS, I just came back from the best styling class ever and I almost cried a happy tear. I can't really say much but I think what ever that is happening to me right now, there's a reason on why it's happening, even if it looks bad on the first impression. All I have to say is that, it was the most inspirational class, EVER. Shall elaborate more on that when my kind of miracle happens. ;-) Well look at what I've got here, my long obligated post but as the saying goes, it's better late than never! It's been a ALMOST a year since Perth Royal Show 2011, I know that because P.R.S 2012 is taking place not long from now! Hadn't noticed that these were sitting in a hidden folder all these while, which now explains why I've always had that tingly obligated feeling, as I always reassure[...]

Being Vain in Uni

I did mention that we brought many set of clothes but there wasn't enough time to change so in the end, we just changed once HAHAHHAHA!! But this definitely gives us an excuse to have another day like this doesn't it? :roll: Here comes the long awaited post! It sure is a picture heavy post because I'm narcissistic like that. I couldn't really just pick a limited few! And yess, I've worn the dress which was supposedly meant for my 21st Birthday but I just couldn't wait to slip into it! It still is my 21st Birthday Dress!! :evil: Joanne asked me 'Don't we look like we're a bunch of young designers?' and when I took a closer look at this particular picture, I sure think we do! These were the only a few pictures taken in the studio because we were running [...]

Denim Jacket

I'm going to change my blog layout soon, I think these colours are all too bright or should I say ugly for me and this blog isn't so much on babblings of a TEENAGER anymore! OMG AM I TURNING OLD? NO! Yes, you just witnessed me talking to myself. Anyways, I still love colours but I'm going to make something out of it so you could keep your toes and fingers waiting while I take my time setting on some changes to this blog. :smile: I finally overcome two hellish papers last week! I swear it made me sweat buckets studying for it but alas, I'm free for a day or two before I have to do my other work that I've magically forgotten about eeekks! Few weeks ago, my bunch of uni friends headed out to satisfy our Dim sum and shopping cravings (again :roll: ) at Dragon Palace in No[...]

Kalamunda Market on a Sunshine Sunny Day

I think I'm starting to get attracted to all kinds of hats!! Be it floppy hats, trilby or fedora, and flower headpieces like as if I'm Rapunzel! It's already bad enough that I've started my headband collection just 2 years ago and NOW HATS!!! :shock: Not to mention about my jackets/coats addiction and clothes!!! thankfully, the shoes and bags fetish haven't grown on me yet. :oops: As soon as I got back to Perth, my sister took me to a market far far away up on a hill!! NO seriously, i'm not making the Disney Princess story up but the market is really on a hill LITERALLY! And the funny thing is, it's only going to be there every first Saturday of the month so yay for that Saturday! There was a stall selling all kinds of fruity flavoured ice and omg it reminds [...]