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Light Up

Being one of the most fortunate commerce students, I was granted an elective unit that which I can use to select any of the units offered by my university at that time. Without giving much thought, fashion styling or fashion design were definitely two units at the top of my selection. Enrolled myself in Fashion Design and it was definitely one of the hardest but at the same time most enjoyed unit throughout my entire commerce degree! Not one to burn the midnight oil for the usual exams, but being in the creative unit had kept me working willingly till early morning hours without much hesitation. One of my favourite past time hobbies is to sketch any inspiration or ideas down into my sketchbook. And if I'm lucky, some of my sketches turns into a mini collection just like the dress as[...]

Emerald City

It's been awhile since I've sat down in front of my computer having nothing to do except blogging. How does anyone even get the time to do so many things with just a two-days weekend?!?! Anyywayyy, there was an eco fair two weeks back held in Mosman Park which I've never even heard of or even been to. Silly enough of both Joy and I, we decided to venture out and headed there to have a look at what's being sold! You should know by now that getting lost is our forte because I have lost count of not knowing where I am every single time I am in a new place hahah! :razz: I felt like as if we were child again because there was a tent stationed in the middle of the fair where a huge load of unused wood board was placed for children to play with. There were hammer and nails pr[...]

Style Envoy Picnic

It's the long Easter weekend and I'm just enjoying every bit of it! The best bit of all is that the weather has been very warm and all sunny sunshine despite a week of rain just before this. :evil: As I was picnic deprived my whole childhood, it's a no brainer if I were to tell you that I'm having a secret itch of throwing a picnic at every chance I get!!! :roll: In fact I just had another one yesterday but that will be for another post soon! This picnic party happened end of last year which was organized by Perth Fashion Festival for the success of PFF 2011! As it was getting warmer over here in Perth, so I opted for something breezy and comfortable enough for a picnic. I've always loved this pair of denim shorts because I found it by luck on the 50% rack and it's the last[...]

M Lee's : First top from my mini collection!

Today's just gotta be one of the best days of my life! I've been volunteering at Perth Fashion Festival for this whole week and I finally get to feel what it feels like to work at a fashion industry company. The excitement of it all! So what happens after graduation with your parents at home? BUMMING COMFORTABLY OF COURSE! The last few days had been one of the happiest moments because I've been spending every single day with both my parents and sister, enjoying every single dish my mummy would whip up for both lunch and dinner. My sister had brought us to see her house builder recently and I really love the display houses of this particular builder! Albeit the land was a bit small but the house looks perfect! For the past year, I've been sketching all sorts of designs [...]

Graduation Day

After 3 long years of slacking in studies, constant worries and nags coming from my parents and sister on why is their daughter/sister not as hardworking as others, nervous breakdowns every single time during exams on why hadn't I pay more attention in class and the endless times I told myself to 'Just Screw It' during exam, I'VE FINALLY GRADUATED!!! MY GOD!!! As I've intended to graduate with green hair, unfortunately it fades away so fast till just a few tiny strands of green with a whole load of golden yellow. A blessing in disguise perhaps, because it matches with the dress I've designed for myself perfectly along with the Curtin logo as well. :razz: WHOSE THE BOSS NOW HUHH?!?! :cool: Since last year, I have already picked out the flowers I [...]

Wedding Bells

One of the reasons why I flew back to Malaysia in such a hurry right after my finals was partly due to my lovely cousin's brother wedding! It has been a long time since a wedding took place in my family and I hadn't been to a wedding ceremony for a long time! It was held on the morning after the day I arrived so technically I only had a few hours of sleep so hopefully I didn't look too tired!! There wasn't much to do so I was basically there to eat all the lovely buffet spread prepared by my aunt. I felt like I had gone up to food heaven because I was Malaysian-food deprived for so long so it was gobbling non-stop and chomping madness like it was an eating competition WTF! :roll: All the decorations down to every single detail was done [...]

Being Vain in Uni

I did mention that we brought many set of clothes but there wasn't enough time to change so in the end, we just changed once HAHAHHAHA!! But this definitely gives us an excuse to have another day like this doesn't it? :roll: Here comes the long awaited post! It sure is a picture heavy post because I'm narcissistic like that. I couldn't really just pick a limited few! And yess, I've worn the dress which was supposedly meant for my 21st Birthday but I just couldn't wait to slip into it! It still is my 21st Birthday Dress!! :evil: Joanne asked me 'Don't we look like we're a bunch of young designers?' and when I took a closer look at this particular picture, I sure think we do! These were the only a few pictures taken in the studio because we were running [...]

Behind the scenes : Being in a studio for the first time

Now that I'm done with all my papers, I can't even sleep even when it's already 1am!!! < HAHAHHA wtf I wrote this even before I took my first paper BECAUSE bear in mind this was drafted since days ago!! As I'm taking my precious break now, I'm going to tell you my excitement when Joanne and Amelie told me that they've booked a studio in my uni for their photography assignment! Immediately I knew I had to go and be a busy body even though there was a test that week!! (screw test, this one is more important!! :razz:) It was definitely my first time being in this studio and I still clearly remember that I was squealing with excitement inside because we were planning the number of outfits to bring and change so that we could take lots and lots of outfit pictures!! [...]

Just the beginning

For two semesters, I've been looking forward to my Fashion Design class so eagerly. I still remembered the first day I stepped into the class during this semester, fearing that I might look like a Commerce student. You know, the Commerce face LOL but everybody was friendly and I managed to blend right in immediately! Anyways, as I've said earlier that I will show you guys, these are the two dresses that I put my hands on to sew for my final assessment! I was proud for awhile because I thought 'hey, this is just my second time and I managed to sew a dress!'. But after the presentation today, I realised that I hadn't pushed or challenged myself hard enough to explore a better design. Oh wells, better not dwell myself in this! Let's get on with my dresses!! For this fir[...]