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Light Up

Being one of the most fortunate commerce students, I was granted an elective unit that which I can use to select any of the units offered by my university at that time. Without giving much thought, fashion styling or fashion design were definitely two units at the top of my selection. Enrolled myself in Fashion Design and it was definitely one of the hardest but at the same time most enjoyed unit throughout my entire commerce degree! Not one to burn the midnight oil for the usual exams, but being in the creative unit had kept me working willingly till early morning hours without much hesitation. One of my favourite past time hobbies is to sketch any inspiration or ideas down into my sketchbook. And if I'm lucky, some of my sketches turns into a mini collection just like the dress as[...]

M Lee's : First top from my mini collection!

Today's just gotta be one of the best days of my life! I've been volunteering at Perth Fashion Festival for this whole week and I finally get to feel what it feels like to work at a fashion industry company. The excitement of it all! So what happens after graduation with your parents at home? BUMMING COMFORTABLY OF COURSE! The last few days had been one of the happiest moments because I've been spending every single day with both my parents and sister, enjoying every single dish my mummy would whip up for both lunch and dinner. My sister had brought us to see her house builder recently and I really love the display houses of this particular builder! Albeit the land was a bit small but the house looks perfect! For the past year, I've been sketching all sorts of designs [...]

Graduation Day

After 3 long years of slacking in studies, constant worries and nags coming from my parents and sister on why is their daughter/sister not as hardworking as others, nervous breakdowns every single time during exams on why hadn't I pay more attention in class and the endless times I told myself to 'Just Screw It' during exam, I'VE FINALLY GRADUATED!!! MY GOD!!! As I've intended to graduate with green hair, unfortunately it fades away so fast till just a few tiny strands of green with a whole load of golden yellow. A blessing in disguise perhaps, because it matches with the dress I've designed for myself perfectly along with the Curtin logo as well. :razz: WHOSE THE BOSS NOW HUHH?!?! :cool: Since last year, I have already picked out the flowers I [...]

Wedding Bells

One of the reasons why I flew back to Malaysia in such a hurry right after my finals was partly due to my lovely cousin's brother wedding! It has been a long time since a wedding took place in my family and I hadn't been to a wedding ceremony for a long time! It was held on the morning after the day I arrived so technically I only had a few hours of sleep so hopefully I didn't look too tired!! There wasn't much to do so I was basically there to eat all the lovely buffet spread prepared by my aunt. I felt like I had gone up to food heaven because I was Malaysian-food deprived for so long so it was gobbling non-stop and chomping madness like it was an eating competition WTF! :roll: All the decorations down to every single detail was done [...]