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On The Loose

Growing up in the beautiful country, Malaysia, each state in the Peninsular Malaysia presents a different ambience to all visitors alike. I'm thoroughly fortunate to be able to call Kuala Lumpur my home, a few popular states well known for a short getaway could easily be as short as an hour drive or five hours at most if you would like to head up north for a longer holiday. When I was back for a short trip a while ago, my dad brought me to Malacca as our Bangkok trip fell apart due to political protests back then. A place rich with history, traditions from generations before and cultural practices so different from other Malaysian states, I don't think I've ever gotten sick of coming here almost every time that I am back. Conquered by the Portuguese back in the days, that's mainly o[...]

Light Up

Being one of the most fortunate commerce students, I was granted an elective unit that which I can use to select any of the units offered by my university at that time. Without giving much thought, fashion styling or fashion design were definitely two units at the top of my selection. Enrolled myself in Fashion Design and it was definitely one of the hardest but at the same time most enjoyed unit throughout my entire commerce degree! Not one to burn the midnight oil for the usual exams, but being in the creative unit had kept me working willingly till early morning hours without much hesitation. One of my favourite past time hobbies is to sketch any inspiration or ideas down into my sketchbook. And if I'm lucky, some of my sketches turns into a mini collection just like the dress as[...]

Oriental Roots

I'm finally back from my holiday again! It's been so good being travelling around and exploring sights on my own, couldn't have asked for a better way to know Sydney just a little more. It's probably the only place where I've returned after visiting a few months before, but both trips are completely different in so many ways! Getting back to my Chinese New Year posts, albeit a little late, it's better late than never done! Coming from a Chinese background, there's just so many traditions that you'll need to follow that nobody can really ever keep up to them. The common ones that I'm aware of, particularly for festive occasions like this is to make sure everything that's worn on the first day has to be new AND it'll be really auspicious if you can throw in the colour red into your o[...]

Candy Rock

Hi my loves! Now that I've finally moved away from my Sydney posts, I've been meaning to show you my first tattoo for awhile now! It's something that I have been contemplating to get for about two years now, but did not really get to a point on getting it done simply because I wasn't ready. Words of advice, you will never ready for something and that's just a blatant excuse to put something aside until you're brave enough to face it. In saying that, I've decided to go ahead and book in my first tattoo appointment with Kinki Ryusaki when I headed back to Malaysia for a short trip! I was grateful enough (well, he didn't have a choice because I said so!) for my cousin and his friend to stay with me throughout the entire session, and also having to bear all my profanities. The pain was [...]

Pink and Teal

Greetings love! It has definitely been ages since I've last blogged but if you hadn't noticed, I've been doing a big shift from to this newly set up site Sparkles and Fox! It surely did took me awhile before I settle for a name because I wanted something where I can use till the end of time, possibly.. If you've noticed, I'm still in the midst of setting up my blog and I did gather some blog posts on this site from my previous blog, but if you would want to read all my posts from years before, feel free to head over to It's good to be back to keep the ball rolling, so why don't I start from where I'm supposed to have blogged about months ago? These pictures were taken back in February when I was still in Malaysia[...]

Style Diary : Chinese New Year 2012!

WHAT A BREAK!!! It's been a month and a half long that I've been working my ass off in Zara so there wasn't much time that I could use to spend my time with my beloved family and friends. I'll leave my horrible stories from work on another post, that is if I would want to relive those moments! Also, I realised I've been sporadically blogging over the past few years which really shows how shallow my level of determination is wtf. :evil: Every year, I'm always anticipating to start the Chinese New Year with a BIG BANG and this dress was just perfect in each and every way to welcome the Year of the Dragon!! Oriental print and lycra - just what I need to flatter the body well! I really love the outburst of colours on it and the quirky sleeves! I toned it down with a dusty [...]

Spontaneous Picnic

For TWO separate days, I managed to say NO to a cape coat that I've been searching for so long. On these two days, I managed to try on it and thinking it will be gone by the next day! Note that these two days are a few days apart! BUT NOOOO MY SIZE IS STILL HERE TODAY!! Plus my mum even said I could get it and she would sponsored half because I've been talking and talking about it. Lo and behold, I didn't get it in the end! *breathes a sigh of relief!* I was immensely surprised with my new-found attitude so I decided to gave myself a good pat! AND THE THING IS, I'M THINKING OF BUYING SOME OTHER THINGS TO REWARD MYSELF WTF HAHAHAHAHHA THE IRONY!!! :roll: Last Sunday, I had the longest one hour long walk because I was so desperate to get lace trimmings and Tangled pillowcase[...]

The Fun after Work

It's only the second week of Uni and I've been a busy busy bee!! AND THE WEATHER IS NOT HELPING WITH IT'S TERRIBLE HEAT!! Where are you my Autumn!!! I'm dying to wear my jackets already and funny thing is, when I packed my luggage in KL, i've always thought that I'm bringing my whole closet from Malaysia but when I'm finding for my pieces of clothing, they're NOT IN THE LUGGAGE!!! Which means I only packed them in my head!!! I'm always thinking of stuffs way ahead in my head and then that's it! IT ONLY HAPPENS IN THE HEAD WTF!!! Back to my fun-after-work posts in Malaysia, it feels really good to be out from work! No more long hours and doing work I didn't like to do. :twisted: :twisted: No more mean bosses MUAHAHAHAHAH!! Such a breather to be out in the afternoon with my favo[...]

10 Minutes

This year's Chinese New Year feels different to me somehow and I couldn't really quite describe the reason why? I'm already leaving this Sunday and i surely do feel a little heavy-hearted. My daddy is being very nice to me lately as he takes time off work to bring me around and cross of the things I wanted to eat in my 'FOOD I WANT TO EAT' list! Soooooo we went to Port Dickson to get some things done and I swear, the place was so quiet I would think it's haunted. Had my dose of Rojak and Claypot Mouse-ish Noodles for breakfast muahahahhaha!! The only time I'll have heavy savoury breakfast is when I'm with my parents. Whenever I'm with them, I guess being full is all I'll feel most of the time! The wtf thing that happened was that I deliberately ignored a huge[...]