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First 21

FUHHHHH I managed to unload everything off my luggage this afternoon after 3 weeks of constant procastination! I bet you're going to hate me because the whole main reason I cleaned up my room today was that I'm so desperate to find my $25 gift card so I could buy my long awaited body chain!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: AND AFTER HOURS AND HOURS OF CLEANING *so proud!* I CAN'T FIND MY GIFT CARD ANYWHERE AT ALL!! I even bend down, search under the bed etc to find for it! GAHHH!!! :evil: Anyways!!! After just turning 20 a few months back, it never occurred to me that my friends will be celebrating their 21st birthday so soon because in my head, I JUST TURNED 20! Attending the very first 21st birthday party for the year gives me the boom boom boom feeling because I'm just so excited [...]

10 Minutes

This year's Chinese New Year feels different to me somehow and I couldn't really quite describe the reason why? I'm already leaving this Sunday and i surely do feel a little heavy-hearted. My daddy is being very nice to me lately as he takes time off work to bring me around and cross of the things I wanted to eat in my 'FOOD I WANT TO EAT' list! Soooooo we went to Port Dickson to get some things done and I swear, the place was so quiet I would think it's haunted. Had my dose of Rojak and Claypot Mouse-ish Noodles for breakfast muahahahhaha!! The only time I'll have heavy savoury breakfast is when I'm with my parents. Whenever I'm with them, I guess being full is all I'll feel most of the time! The wtf thing that happened was that I deliberately ignored a huge[...]

Chinese New Year on the hill

Ever since Topshop has launced its cosmetic line in KLCC, I've been dying to get my hands on their cotton candy-ish pastel nail polish!! So bitchypeachy tone it is for Chinese New Year! The stupid thing was, when I was about to paint my nails, I realised that I still had a little bit of nail polish on my fingernails and wtf i didn't have any nail polish remover! Took us years to get up to Genting mehh!! I'm not going to Genting on CNY E.V.E.R! Went over all the obstacles (of phone calls and what nots) to get this baseball jacket to discovered that THIS IS NOT THE ONE I SAW FROM THE CORNER OF MY EYE WHEN I WAS WALKING IN PAVILION WEEKS AGO! But it's okay, this is very nice too! *comforts self* :roll: It's pretty ironic really because my parents have been discuss[...]

Red Hot

It's been a jolly jolly good holiday so far and Chinese New Year is just a few days away!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I'm all over the moon because I hadn't celebrated my Chinese New Year in Malaysia last year so I definitely had missed out on all the CNY fun and atmosphere. :evil: My parents and I went over to Petaling Street the other day to get all the CNY decorations and I got cuckoofied like a cow because everything was so red and everyone is playing the TONG TONG CHANG MUSIC!! There's just something mind-dazzling in CNY music because even though I don't really fancy listening to it, it gives me the boom boom pow mood!! When it comes to Petaling Street, my stomachs will automatically multiplied to four wtf!! I'm so greedy my tongue bleed for da[...]

Big Yellow Sunflowers

Helloo!!!! BIG NEWS BIG NEWS! So I'm having an identity crisis right now. I was stalking my facebook homepage and someone was talking about the all new zodiac signs. I googled! Lo and behold, LOOK AT THIS!! I'M NOW A LIBRA WTFF!! :evil: :evil: :evil: I probably had screwed up my biological clock a little because I'm still not asleep yet even though I have work tomorrow! But all is well because this way, I could spend time writing bits and pieces before my memory slips right off me! :evil: I was discussing with my friends on how ironic our parents are sometimes. When you're just a teenager, parents just hate the thought of throwing a party at home for your birthdays. Then there is a period where you just study abroad, they'll find any nitty gritty reason to throw[...]