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Lying about Purchases

DON'T JUDGE ME BY THE TITLE!! :razz: I've got so many backdated posts to blog on so I'm doing my best to draft a few posts today so you will know what's been keeping me busy for the last few months! :smile: Anddddd I was supposed to blog during my Easter break but I got so held up by my assignments, I couldn't even have time to go out!!! YES I was so depressing, I stayed at home for 4 days straight so that I could force myself to finish up my work! This is the first dress I've ever ever sewn in my life! Thoughts? For your information, it couldn't fit anyone/NOT EVEN A MANNEQUIN because as I was sewing, it just gets smaller and smaller HHHAHA!! And that's two pages of my Research Portfolio!! :razz: Thank God, the days are passing by so fast that I have a day or t[...]

The Fun after Work

It's only the second week of Uni and I've been a busy busy bee!! AND THE WEATHER IS NOT HELPING WITH IT'S TERRIBLE HEAT!! Where are you my Autumn!!! I'm dying to wear my jackets already and funny thing is, when I packed my luggage in KL, i've always thought that I'm bringing my whole closet from Malaysia but when I'm finding for my pieces of clothing, they're NOT IN THE LUGGAGE!!! Which means I only packed them in my head!!! I'm always thinking of stuffs way ahead in my head and then that's it! IT ONLY HAPPENS IN THE HEAD WTF!!! Back to my fun-after-work posts in Malaysia, it feels really good to be out from work! No more long hours and doing work I didn't like to do. :twisted: :twisted: No more mean bosses MUAHAHAHAHAH!! Such a breather to be out in the afternoon with my favo[...]