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J'adore Paris

Melissa : Hello Daddy can I speak to you? Daddy and Mummy : WHY? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BUY AGAIN? Melissa : *giggles like a schoolgirl* They know me too well -.- Please pardon my short absence as I was having the time of my life coughing my lungs out when I got back from my trip! And I've been recuperating in the corner ever since. :cry: Nevertheless, it was definitely one of the best trips that I'll keep close to my heart because my daddy had promised to take me to Europe when I was ten and I'll be constantly reminding him of how he didn't keep his promise at the end of every year for a decade. So I could literally say that this is my long awaited trip and I thank you so much for keeping your word and making it happen! :razz: To start with, it was definitel[...]


I'm supposed to be packing for my flight now which is due in a few hours but look at me, I'm blogging!! *pauses* I just lied to my mum saying that I'm packing. :twisted: Hello again!! Here's another post as promised days ago to keep you entertained!! :mrgreen: This kimono wrap was definitely one of the times where I buy a certain thing without giving a thought. In another words, an impulsive purchase. WHATTTTTTTT? It's on 50% sale! But I didn't regret a single bit because I've worn it so many times as it's light enough and keeps me warm enough from those cold winter breeze. I particularly like the prints on the kimono wrap because it's has a strong oriental influence so I thought of playing around with my outfit to that theme. What do you think of it? [...]

Being Vain in Uni

I did mention that we brought many set of clothes but there wasn't enough time to change so in the end, we just changed once HAHAHHAHA!! But this definitely gives us an excuse to have another day like this doesn't it? :roll: Here comes the long awaited post! It sure is a picture heavy post because I'm narcissistic like that. I couldn't really just pick a limited few! And yess, I've worn the dress which was supposedly meant for my 21st Birthday but I just couldn't wait to slip into it! It still is my 21st Birthday Dress!! :evil: Joanne asked me 'Don't we look like we're a bunch of young designers?' and when I took a closer look at this particular picture, I sure think we do! These were the only a few pictures taken in the studio because we were running [...]

Behind the scenes : Being in a studio for the first time

Now that I'm done with all my papers, I can't even sleep even when it's already 1am!!! < HAHAHHA wtf I wrote this even before I took my first paper BECAUSE bear in mind this was drafted since days ago!! As I'm taking my precious break now, I'm going to tell you my excitement when Joanne and Amelie told me that they've booked a studio in my uni for their photography assignment! Immediately I knew I had to go and be a busy body even though there was a test that week!! (screw test, this one is more important!! :razz:) It was definitely my first time being in this studio and I still clearly remember that I was squealing with excitement inside because we were planning the number of outfits to bring and change so that we could take lots and lots of outfit pictures!! [...]

Japan Trip : Sue me, I cry over food

Finals is about to start and 2 days time and I guess that explains my not-so-often blog posts lately. But then again, here I am spending my time to jot down a few words on my Japan posts because I'm so sick of studying already! I've basically slacked the whole day so I thought this would be the cue for me to blog. :grin: Waking up in the morning to a view like that is just breathtaking. I stared down the window for a good half an hour trying to count the number of vehicles passing by in the size of an ant and occasionally spotting a really long bullet train passing by the tracks just right beneath our hotel. Breakfasts filled with buttery crisp croissant, waffles, boiled sausages and DID I MENTION WEDGES at 7am every morning is definitely a sin. Oh yes it is but[...]

Wild Flowers

While my dearest mummy was still here, sister took a day off on Monday to bring us to a guided walk at Kings Park to look at pretty pretty wildflowers. It's been a AGES(!!!) since we've been to Kings Park as it's so far away from my house!! :evil: It's a shame though cause that place is too lovely for picnic! I've always wanted to have a picnic with beautiful flowers around me, us girls wearing picnic dresses and sipping tea from a small dainty tea cup over a plate of sweet sinful cakes! The guided walk was scheduled to start at 10am and lasts about 1 and a half hour. As there were soooo many people interested in this walk, ALL AUNTIES WTF *hides self*, we were then divided into two groups. Basically the wild flower walk is a tour around the bush area displaying th[...]

Kimono Fashion Show

Have you ever wanted to wear a type of clothing so badly that you've decided to just wrap a towel around your body thinking that it could replicate what you wanted and started walking around being all proud and confident? I don't know about you but my towel used to be my tail, my kimono, my Superman cape and many more weird things you see in the movies! However, I've always wanted to wear a kimono when I was young and when I tell that to everyone, they'll ask me to marry a Japanese guy! :evil: I MEAN THAT CAN NOT BE THE ONLY WAY RIGHT! We could have always buy them right right?! Shoot me please, because after our lunch on the second day, we were bought to a Kimono Factory! LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM OH-MY-GOD!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Btw the green bike above, that's the Japanese[...]

Mumsie Goodness

Sleeveless White Top with Frills : Kookai Black Shorts : Zara Dirty Pink Coat : Topshop Necklace : JayJays Flats : Sister's Rocco Bag : Alexander Wang It's the time of the year again where Mummy comes over to Perth to whip up a whole list of food that I've prepared in my 'TO-EAT -LIST'! But then again, everytime she comes over I'll make an excuse to try this and that or restaurants all over Perth because I would love her to try as many things as possible while she's here WTH! :razz: Another reason that I would love this is so that I could dress up!! :twisted: :twisted: Anyhow, we took her to this Vietnamese store in Subiaco market and we both ordered Fried Marinated Chicken with Mixed Noodles! The fried chicken was absolutely to-die-for because it's b[...]