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Flower Girl

This Spring, we went to Araluen Farm to enjoy the breathtaking view of flowers. Not having any chances of visiting any tulip farms before this, I was definitely looking forward to this trip very much and it was undeniably a good break from my constant weeks filled with assignments and small tests. As soon as we reached the farm, we were soon greeted with smells from different flowers and I really love the smell of one of the roses there as the sweet nectar it produces reminds me so much of my favourite rose syrup cordial drink! This place was definitely a great place for family picnics and they even have a little hut which serves great lunch and tea. On a side note, I've been eating like a fat pig since I'm[...]

Wild Flowers

While my dearest mummy was still here, sister took a day off on Monday to bring us to a guided walk at Kings Park to look at pretty pretty wildflowers. It's been a AGES(!!!) since we've been to Kings Park as it's so far away from my house!! :evil: It's a shame though cause that place is too lovely for picnic! I've always wanted to have a picnic with beautiful flowers around me, us girls wearing picnic dresses and sipping tea from a small dainty tea cup over a plate of sweet sinful cakes! The guided walk was scheduled to start at 10am and lasts about 1 and a half hour. As there were soooo many people interested in this walk, ALL AUNTIES WTF *hides self*, we were then divided into two groups. Basically the wild flower walk is a tour around the bush area displaying th[...]