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Emerald City

It's been awhile since I've sat down in front of my computer having nothing to do except blogging. How does anyone even get the time to do so many things with just a two-days weekend?!?! Anyywayyy, there was an eco fair two weeks back held in Mosman Park which I've never even heard of or even been to. Silly enough of both Joy and I, we decided to venture out and headed there to have a look at what's being sold! You should know by now that getting lost is our forte because I have lost count of not knowing where I am every single time I am in a new place hahah! :razz: I felt like as if we were child again because there was a tent stationed in the middle of the fair where a huge load of unused wood board was placed for children to play with. There were hammer and nails pr[...]

A Feminine Take

Having seen so many British inspired styles that boys don on the internet and searching religiously on the it sparked an idea of inspiration to me lately. Or shall I say, the slumbering boy character in me has finally awaken. Did I tell you that I find guys that dresses up in the British high street style are exceptionally visually pleasing? Aaaaanyway, I was looking around for pieces in my wardrobe if I could create a British Boy outfit but with a slight feminine touch just to keep things fresh! It really gives you a sense of satisfaction when you combine the common basics that you often wear on its own and make it into something entirely different and new. Being one of the shirts that has been worn to death for its light weighted fabric and aesthetic reasons, I've [...]

Cottlesloe Beach

Just last two mondays, it was the long awaited Labour Day and it happens to be my very first public holiday ever since I start working so can you imagine how excited I was?! I didn't used to have the privilege of having public holidays during my days in university because it simply does not exist within the university's context booooo! :roll: Had a really good breakfast of Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon at a nearby cafe which is sinfully delicious but it really isn't a good idea if you're heading to the beach in a bikini! :shock: The temperature climbed up to 36degrees on that day so it was pretty good for a tan but got more than I asked for in the end! Skin got burnt and I looked like I've paint part of my body with brown paint. :evil: Coincidentally there was an art exhi[...]

Navojo Prints

If you take a look around, you'll notice that in the shopping malls, most of the retail stores are filled with prints in any sorts of colour you can ever imagine. Even most of the designers' collections were print frenzy for the Spring/Summer 2011 season and still going on strong for now if I dare say. When I was working in Zara a few months back, it was an endless torture every week as the latest pieces are coming in twice a week and we are forced to remember every single piece of them! Being voted as one of the person with the weakest resistance e.v.e.r, it's just a matter of time or an intense mental battle before i get my hands on this Navojo printed pants back home as I've been lusting over it ever since!! I guess luck was on my side as it was put onto the sale racks after[...]

Of Sheer Maxi and Stripes

I used to envision myself as a workaholic or somewhat when I grow up and start working, but guess whose the one who runs out of the office as soon as the clock strikes 5! I've survived 3 weeks of work but the workload has just started rolling in yesterday and I can sadly tell you that my brain is temporarily damaged. I couldn't even tell out simple conversations or that I'm supposed to put soap into the washing machine when I do the laundry. Kids, stay away from accounting while you can. LOL! :roll: Anyway, as we were staying in a hotel just right behind Bugis Street, I've been wanting to see the markets and have a look at what little nitty bitty things they would be selling but my mum hesitated and told everyone that it will be just like any night market you'll see in Malays[...]

Style Diary : I'm an orange!

On my second day in Singapore, we decided on going to Marina Bay Sands as there was so much hype about it when it first opened and still does! We took a taxi ride after the peak office time to escape the extra fee, GOSH there's so many taxi fee rules to the extent that it's more complicated than my history books! I was starving by the time we reached so we had our mini dim sum at their food court. I don't know if it's just my family or what but we LOVE Singapore's food court so much more than Malaysia's one and that's where we go to at least half the trip to fill our grumbling tummies! I'm so in love CURRENTLY OBSESSED with bright colours at the moment, it's just a phase that I go through every now and then but sometimes, I would come up with themes for m[...]

Style Diary : The Big Black Bow

So I've gotten myself a job at a relatively small company and I've got nothing much to do till next week!! Said by the manager himself of course. So here I am, drawing butterflies on scrap papers, finding the best fashion collection photos to put as my desktop wallpaper and blogging. It sure makes me feel like I'm the worst employee ever I swear! Right after my cousin's my family and I drove to Singapore right away the next day! It's been years since we've drove there on our own and it was quite a challenge figuring out our directions eeeks! As I'm in a hot and humid weather, I try to keep my outfit fuss-free and cooling at all times. When I saw this suede bow collar on the internet last year, I fell in love with it as I've always been fascinated with bows and with my lat[...]

Two good days of London

This will be my last post to wrap the whole Europe trip I had last year, WHAT A DRAGGGG!! But at the same time, I'm feeling slightly sad because it feels like my trip is coming to an end all over again. For the last two and a half days of my tour to be exact, I've spent these two most precious days all over London shopping most of the time which is also why I managed to squeeze in two days within a post! There wasn't any moment to spare to snap pictures on my second day as it was probably MY ONLY DAY TO SHOP in the entire trip!! I simply love everything that's stated on this signpost so much! Unicorn theatre sounds like a magical place to be at, Fashion & Textile museum, ohmygosh I so want to see what is being placed in it and most important of all, London Bridge!! And as [...]

M Lee's : First top from my mini collection!

Today's just gotta be one of the best days of my life! I've been volunteering at Perth Fashion Festival for this whole week and I finally get to feel what it feels like to work at a fashion industry company. The excitement of it all! So what happens after graduation with your parents at home? BUMMING COMFORTABLY OF COURSE! The last few days had been one of the happiest moments because I've been spending every single day with both my parents and sister, enjoying every single dish my mummy would whip up for both lunch and dinner. My sister had brought us to see her house builder recently and I really love the display houses of this particular builder! Albeit the land was a bit small but the house looks perfect! For the past year, I've been sketching all sorts of designs [...]