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Hippo Creek

Me : So we're going to a restaurant called Hypocrite for dinner? :shock: Sister : Yes. Me : But why would anyone would want the word 'Hypocrite' as their name of the restaurant? ARE YOU SURE? :shock: Sister : For the ten thousandth time, YES! :evil: :evil: *bear in mind that this was conversed verbally!* Wow er, that sure explained everything. As you would know, I was as busy as a mermaid from studying two weeks to the extent that my brain was damaged from information overload. Got to say I looked like I was about to hit 30 with my terrible dry skin and eye bags! :roll: And the worse part of it all was that I got so forgetful that I don't even remember if I've wash my face when I did just that 2 minutes before!!! Ugh pardon my haggard looking face [...]

Lying about Purchases

DON'T JUDGE ME BY THE TITLE!! :razz: I've got so many backdated posts to blog on so I'm doing my best to draft a few posts today so you will know what's been keeping me busy for the last few months! :smile: Anddddd I was supposed to blog during my Easter break but I got so held up by my assignments, I couldn't even have time to go out!!! YES I was so depressing, I stayed at home for 4 days straight so that I could force myself to finish up my work! This is the first dress I've ever ever sewn in my life! Thoughts? For your information, it couldn't fit anyone/NOT EVEN A MANNEQUIN because as I was sewing, it just gets smaller and smaller HHHAHA!! And that's two pages of my Research Portfolio!! :razz: Thank God, the days are passing by so fast that I have a day or t[...]

First 21

FUHHHHH I managed to unload everything off my luggage this afternoon after 3 weeks of constant procastination! I bet you're going to hate me because the whole main reason I cleaned up my room today was that I'm so desperate to find my $25 gift card so I could buy my long awaited body chain!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: AND AFTER HOURS AND HOURS OF CLEANING *so proud!* I CAN'T FIND MY GIFT CARD ANYWHERE AT ALL!! I even bend down, search under the bed etc to find for it! GAHHH!!! :evil: Anyways!!! After just turning 20 a few months back, it never occurred to me that my friends will be celebrating their 21st birthday so soon because in my head, I JUST TURNED 20! Attending the very first 21st birthday party for the year gives me the boom boom boom feeling because I'm just so excited [...]

Chinese New Year on the hill

Ever since Topshop has launced its cosmetic line in KLCC, I've been dying to get my hands on their cotton candy-ish pastel nail polish!! So bitchypeachy tone it is for Chinese New Year! The stupid thing was, when I was about to paint my nails, I realised that I still had a little bit of nail polish on my fingernails and wtf i didn't have any nail polish remover! Took us years to get up to Genting mehh!! I'm not going to Genting on CNY E.V.E.R! Went over all the obstacles (of phone calls and what nots) to get this baseball jacket to discovered that THIS IS NOT THE ONE I SAW FROM THE CORNER OF MY EYE WHEN I WAS WALKING IN PAVILION WEEKS AGO! But it's okay, this is very nice too! *comforts self* :roll: It's pretty ironic really because my parents have been discuss[...]

Harajuku Girls

Boy oh boy, my trip sure sounded like I was in Japan for ages but towards our second last day of the whole Japan trip, the day was basically filled with shopping shopping and a great length of distance on walking! So much so that by the end of my trip, the only two pairs of flats that I've brought over died on me!! :evil: :evil: That's just merely our first entrance to pushy sweaty war! Swear to God that I was walking like a penguin because that just describes the amount of space I could move with my feet as soon as I entered Harajuku! It was no doubt an eye opening experience though because I've got a chance to see so many weird different people!! :roll: However, I do admire the amount of courage they had to express themselves and stand out from the crow[...]

Japan Trip Day Three : Scary Night Out

After the short crying drama in the restaurant, we then headed off to another temple called Peace Park Sakura Garden. At this rate, I was completely tired of going to so many temples all the time because I'm anticipating for my shopping escapades so much to the point where all my nerves are filled with terrifying shopping electrons that are dying to leech out of my skin! Till I saw this little cute ferret that was being surrounded by small kids up to my knee's length and myself as well *coughs* going 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MUMMY I WANT THIS TOO' :roll: It took us long enough to reach Level 5 of Fuji Mountain and there were so many cars and buses heading there as well! With the amount of people there, I think you can set up a v[...]


Dotti Skirt Topshop Tights Mummy's Longchamp Bag Diva Headband I'm glad I could manage to squeeze in some time for me to blog during the weeknight and I'm so glad that one of my final paper is finished today! :mrgreen: My sister brought us to an Italian Restaurant in South Perth, called Spaghi and they are said to serve one of the most authentic Italian pasta in Perth. Seafood Marinara remains one of our favourite whereas my sister prefers the spaghetti with local Italian clams. Spaghetti cooked to al dente and the freshness from the variety of seafood, definitely a wonderful delight to my palate!! I love this Chanel-esque tights of mine as it blends in with the colour of my skin, and it feels good having quite a number passer-by co[...]

Magazines for the men in Japan

Right after the Kimono show, we alighted out bus to get to the bullet train station as I said in my previous post here. Initially, I thought it's a super short journey to the train station but FOL it took us 2 hours I THINK?! We did a short stopover at this quaint rest house and they've got the best vending machines and a hugee shop for you to shop for tidbits! I MEAN HHHUUUUUUUUGGGEEEEE!!! But then again, most importantly i love their vending machines especially the coffee ones because they've got a little camera showing the process of brewing your cup of coffee INSIDE the machine, for example while it's grinding the coffee beans and etc! :mrgreen: :razz: As we boarded the bus to continue our journey to the bullet train station, Kenro-san gave us a fe[...]

First Night in Osaka

After a whole noon of fun spent at Universal Studios, it was time for us to head to our hotels to check in. There goes our first stay of our entire trip in Osaka. On the way to the hotel, there was a whole street filled with all the luxuray brands for the tais tais with the likes of Miu Miu, Gucci, etc and just right behind is MY SHOPPING HEAVEN for the ones whose young at heart! I'll get to that later. I just love the streets in Japan as they are always kept clean and there's not a SPECK OF RUBBISH IN SIGHT! The population in Japan is higher yet the level of cleanliness is way better, that's saying something isn't it!? I've heard others saying 'Japan is so clean, it makes Malaysia/Perth looks like a rubbish dump' hahahahha! Anyways, we checked into a tiny hotel called 'Cross[...]