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M Lee's : First top from my mini collection!

Today's just gotta be one of the best days of my life! I've been volunteering at Perth Fashion Festival for this whole week and I finally get to feel what it feels like to work at a fashion industry company. The excitement of it all! So what happens after graduation with your parents at home? BUMMING COMFORTABLY OF COURSE! The last few days had been one of the happiest moments because I've been spending every single day with both my parents and sister, enjoying every single dish my mummy would whip up for both lunch and dinner. My sister had brought us to see her house builder recently and I really love the display houses of this particular builder! Albeit the land was a bit small but the house looks perfect! For the past year, I've been sketching all sorts of designs [...]


I flew back to Perth just two days ago and it's my call to apply for jobs and doing all the things that an adult is supposed to do! I knew that this day will come but I didn't think the day we all dread most would come knocking at our door this fast to be honest. I've got some career goals in mind and I have been designing some pieces for myself in the hopes that something might work out from it in the future but I guess for now, I need to get any job on hand as quickly as possible! :cry: A country where almost everyone would commonly associate it with chocolates or waffles! That's the second last country in our entire Europe Tour trip. But before we head off to Belgium, we visited a few more local attractions in Rotterdam. As soon as we were dropped off to walk towards the cu[...]

Style Diary : Chinese New Year 2012!

WHAT A BREAK!!! It's been a month and a half long that I've been working my ass off in Zara so there wasn't much time that I could use to spend my time with my beloved family and friends. I'll leave my horrible stories from work on another post, that is if I would want to relive those moments! Also, I realised I've been sporadically blogging over the past few years which really shows how shallow my level of determination is wtf. :evil: Every year, I'm always anticipating to start the Chinese New Year with a BIG BANG and this dress was just perfect in each and every way to welcome the Year of the Dragon!! Oriental print and lycra - just what I need to flatter the body well! I really love the outburst of colours on it and the quirky sleeves! I toned it down with a dusty [...]

Twenty One in 2011

Whenever the year end creeps into everyone's lives slowly, I will cringe slightly at the thought of my birthday as I really didn't like the number that tells how I should behave but I guess it all depends on an individual's judgement! :smile: Buttttt I guess 21 isn't such a bad thing, since all your presents will be tripled or quadrupled *wishful thinking!*. :twisted: For this year, I'm really grateful that my parents took the initiative to plan out a birthday party for me and even going the extra mile by giving me a key pendant necklace for my birthday present. Though it might seem cliché to some, it represents something more special than anything that anyone could ask for and for me, it is just so amazing and lucky that my parents got me this. :smile: I hadn't had a party s[...]

Day 5 around Germany

I hadn't been blogging for a month and this makes me feel like a sluggg!! I've actually had this post lying in my drafts for a really long time because I've been working REALLY HARD on my studies enjoying my trip back home too much with food showers. Therefore, while my brain is on a long break, I'm just going to use every ounce of energy I have left in me to write up on my Europe trip! So I was still around in Germany in Day 5 and it was tiring because we're moving from one country to another everyday! I certainly felt like a Nomad! :mrgreen: Nothing spells a good breakfast without a warm cup of english breakfast tea on a cold and gloomy day! We were taken to a tiny town to catch the ferry to Cologne, Germany. But there was an hour till the ferry came, so we walked b[...]

Day 4 at Heidelberg

Helloooo! So I hadn't been blogging cause I'm so addicted to Sims on Facebook that I've neglected my blog has been undergoing some system upgrade and changing of servers. Anyways, it'll be my first shift participating in the Perth Fashion Festival tomorrow so wish me luck! If i may, I will take some backstage photos for you guys to see. I'm just too excited being able to work as a dresser for prestigious designers in this coming week!!! Plus, multicultural week is kicking off on this coming Monday so it's going to be a busy week! :mrgreen: I've still got much to talk about my Europe trip and I'm only halfway through Day 4!! Continuing my trip from Lucerne, we departed on bus to Germany. On the way to Germany itself, we stopped by a scenic spot which overlooks one of the lo[...]

Day 3 in Lucerne

For our third day, woke up to a beautiful morning sunshine which I'm eternally grateful for because it has been raining for the past two days! In my entire trip, I must say that Lucerne is one city that I came to love a lot. It's so pretty in terms of scenery and I would want to live here when I'm old!!! Have you ever guys been torn on what to have for breakfast because the spread is soo mouth tantalizing!! So that explains the cereal (OH.MY.GOD, the best cereals I've taken because I've added walnuts and honey nuts inside!!) and the other plate meh hehe. I'm supposed to eat like a king for breakfast right!? What I love about travelling is that we cover a whole lot of distance by foot so that's definitely some great exercise! We wal[...]

Fur for Truffle Festival

Just a week ago, I attended my very first food festival in Perth after all these years! For this one, it was all about truffles, truffles and more truffles! Going with the rhyme, so I thought this would be a great time for me to wear my faux fur gilet! My precious precious fur vest. The desperate things I would do to get hold of this treasure of mine! I've always asked my friends if they have any desperate shopping stories to share just so I wouldn't feel so alone hehe but it seems like I have too many it's not even funny! :roll: As soon as we got there, the rain was pouring so badly with strong cold winds, I was beyond freezing!! But as the weather tends to have its own PMS, it was all sunny minutes later. :roll: So Thank God for that. We were greeted b[...]


I'm having mixed emotions today because of my weird encounter with a stranger at the train station. So there I was minding my own business, with my earphones on playing the list of songs fro mmy phone while people watching, THIS MAN on my left raised his voice a few times to say hello to me. Now of course, any sane person like me wouldn't answer to the first few hellos because I've always smiled or waved at people whom I think was saying Hello to me, but really it was to the person behind me. Hence, I ignored him, thinking that he wasn't calling out to me! Not giving up, he waved his hand over just inches away from my face, that I could literally feel the wind caused by his hand movements. We ended up talking about Angry Birds WTF because he assumed I was playing that game on [...]